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Abon’s scientists and chemists identify, scrutinize, and effectively use the physicochemical attributes of API, excipients, and the finished product to connect a drug and dosage form’s pharmacokinetic parameters. We integrate quality and regulatory requirements into the development program, giving a higher guarantee of a rapid product review, approval, and launch.


We are devoted to utilizing our state of the art equipment to properly characterize the API and the formulation before and during product development cycles to deliver a bioavailable, manufacturable, and stable final product.

Abon offers a full suite of characterization studies to support the formulation and process design:

  •   Solid State Characterization
  •   Thermal Behavior
  •  Visco-elastic Behavior
  •  Powder Characteristics
  •  Compatibility and Interaction Analysis
  •   Micro-structure Elucidation
  •   Solubility and Solution Characteristics
  •   Osmolarity
  •   Hydration and Swelling
  •   Texture Analysis
  •   Particle Size Analysis

We are continually improving and investing in our pre-formulation capability. Our current instrumentation includes:

  •   Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  •   Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD)
  •   Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  •   Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  •   Thermal Activity Monitoring (TAM)
  •   Hybrid Rheometer (DHR)
  •   Dynamic Vapor Sorption/Desorption (DVS)
  •   Digital Microscope
  •   Powder Flow Analyzer
  •   Texture Analysis
  •   Malvern Mastersizer

Formulation & Process

Abon has capabilities in major and niche dosage forms across a wide range of pharmaceutical production technologies. We evaluate formulations using bench-top equipment up to pilot scale machines and support all tech transfer activities empowered by Abon’s robust and scalable formulation & process design.


      Long-Acting Injectable Products
  •    Oil-based Preparations (solution and suspension)
  •    Aqueous Micro-Particle Suspension
  •     Lyophilized Powder for Injection
  •     Biodegradable Microspheres
  •     Nanotube Depot
      Micro and Nanotechnology
  •    High-pressure Homogenization
  •    Micro-fluidization
  •    Suspension Micronization
     Injectable Microparticles
  •    Platform Technology Development
  •     Biodegradable Microsphere Drying


  •   Readily Available Dosage Forms (IR, ODT)
  •   Sustained and Modified Release Tablets
  •   Sustained and Modified Release Capsules
  •  Multi-Layered Tablets
  •   Osmotic and Pseudo-osmotic Tablets
  •   Micro Tablets
  •   Gastroretentive Dosage Forms
  •   Pulsatile Drug Delivery Systems
  •  Transmucosal Drug Delivery Systems
  •  Liquid Sustained Release Suspensions

Analytical Services

  •  Physical and chemical characterization of API, Finished Products and Excipients
  •  Analytical method development, optimization, and validation
  •    HPLC methods for assay, impurities, and other analysis
  •    GC for residual solvents
  •    Bio-indicative dissolutions
  •  Polymer Characterization (Mn, Mw, DS, Functional Group Analysis)
  •  Impurity characterization, including mechanism of formation studies
  •  Peptide characterization using 1D and 2D NMR, IR, Mass spec, and other analytical techniques
  •  Development of unique dissolution methods for complex drug products
  •  Particle size analysis
  •  In-vitro bioequivalence studies
  •    BSA binding studies
  •    Pepsis inhibitory studies
  •    Bile salts binding studies


The use of statistical design and mathematical modeling with consideration of pharmacokinetic principles in formulation development enables Abon’s scientists to develop a product with a predictable outcome that offers higher assurance in bio/clinical studies’ success.

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