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A Science-Based Approach To Product Development

Abon Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on complex generics and proprietary products across injectable, oral and other dosage forms with a high barrier to entry.

About Us

Abon specializes in developing a broad range of pharmaceutical products and integrates product quality by formulation and process design. At Abon, we emphasize using scientific methods and modern technology to improve dosage form efficiency, enable robust processing, and enhance patient compliance.


Abons team of scientists and chemists utilize advanced techniques and modern equipment to identify and characterize physicochemical properties essential to formulate and process complex dosage forms. Our product development approach is always accompanied by statistical designs and mathematical modeling, facilitating FDA requirements and maximizing the probability of desired in-vivo performance.


Abon is seeking global partners for development and marketing opportunities for proprietary technologies and complex generics. Our Long-Acting Injection/ Depot development capability and expertise offer distinct competitive advantages to any partner.

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